Tools Used for Mobile Testing

Tools Used for Mobile Testing

There are various plans and mobile app testing tools, which can assist in creating your mobile app testing methods. The best mobile application testing tools will support you in handling the mobile app testing procedures. Here in this article, we explained the Tools Used for Mobile Testing in 2021. To learn more about Mobile Testing, Join Mobile Testing Training in Chennai and improve your skills.  

Test Complete

Test Complete will permit the user to run various UI tests across the application platform. Test Complete is a compatible tool, it will support the user in testing the hybrid mobile apps, it can support both iOS and Android app testing. The automated test lines are possible over the devices, also select from, JavaScript, Python, and others. 

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Test IO

Test IO permits the user to examine the mobile apps in real-time implementations to get the mobile application designate for the business operates on about all OS platforms. Test IO has testing measures, it can recognize the various demands of the customer requires faster results.  


Appium is one of the best testing tools for mobile app testing it is used mostly by professional testers. Appium is a powerful tool for mobile app testing, it will work even for hybrid applications. Appium is integrated with both iOS and Android platforms. So, there is no need of changing any codes across the applications. Learn Mobile Testing Training in Chennai and gain more knowledge in Mobile Testing. 


Xamarin can control the feasibly of examining the UI taking over android or iOS applications. It is one of the complete tools for iOS, Android, and native applications. It promotes cross-platform testing divisions. In the C programming language, the test scripts are written. 


Robotium is one of the best testing tools for maintaining android apps under the automated testing framework. Robotium tool is specially created for black-box testing on android applications.     

Robotium can use JavaScript to develop test scenarios. The extra elements for running the tool are the Android development, Eclipse for the test project, Android SDK.