Basic Skills To Become An Ethical Hacker

Skills to become an ethical hacker

Who is an Ethical Hacker?

Ethical hacking is a professional who handles the organization’s database with high security using hacking skills.

The ethical hacker essentially considers the below information: 

  • Mainly the ethical hacker finds the loopholes in the database, locations, or in the systems.
  • Realize if the attacker retrieves our information, what will they do next with the available information

In recent years, Demand for ethical hackers are dramatically increasing because of huge digital transformation, and new technological establishments such as blockchain, IoT. As per the statistic report, the average Payscale for Certified Ethical Hacker is $91,000 in the US and ₹486,875 in India. if you want to become a certified ethical hacker, Ethical Hacking Course in Chennai will offer the right path under the guidance of great mentorship.

Let’s See what are all basic requirements to become an ethical hacker?

Superior computer Knowledge

It is a basic requirement to become an ethical hacker but it seems a very basic skill. the hacker should be more proficient in handling all operating systems like Windows/Linux. should be fast in some system operations such as command line, edit the registry, and assembling the parameters of networking.

Programming skills

Ethical hacking basic knowledge is knowing other programming languages is more important to understand the structure of the software. So learning coding languages like Python, Perl, java leads to becoming a professional ethical hacker.

Database management systems

An ethical hacker should be familiar with all different database systems such as Oracle, MySQL, etc. because every data of an organization is stored in such database systems. If the attacker gets access to the information, it will be a huge threat to the concerned company. So skills in data schemas and engines are very crucial for hackers for constructing a high-security DBMS. The Ethical hacking Online Course provides unique training in all DBMS software.


Linux runs half of the web servers. So discovering the loopholes in the webserver is an important skill for ethical hackers. Knowing GUI, Redhat, Ubuntu, and their commands will give you added advantage. 


Within a company, employees share highly confidential data between them that information should be leaked. In that scenario, cryptography is highly used which means it’s changing the text into a non-readable structure. So learning cryptography is more important for ethical hackers to ensure the organization’s data.

Wireless technologies

Ethical hacking basic knowledge studying wireless technology like WPA WPS will assist ethical hackers to defend systems from conveying data hidden waves.


As a result, becoming a professional ethical hacker is not an easy task. Proficient in the above skills will make you an ethical hacker. if you are planning to get the certification, the Ethical Hacking Course in Coimbatore at FITA Academy would be the ideal choice for acquiring appropriate skills.