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Why Should You Learn Android?

Android is an open-source mobile platform. It is based on Linux, Multipurpose, Multithreaded OS. It can build DVR, MP3 Players, Handheld GPS, etc. Join Android Online Course to know why you should learn android? and Andriod Architecture and Components.

Android is known for its ability to run on Multiple Apps at the same time. It makes users use software ranging from games to office applications. Android is the integration of other Google products and it can be easily accessed with services like Gmail,  Google Calendar, Google Maps, etc. The Android application has raised to 85%  in the share market.

Android Architecture and its Components


The architecture of an Android is  based on

  • Application
  • Application Framework
  • Libraries
  • Linux Kernel


The application consists of  Home, contacts, phone and browser.

Application Framework

Developing the applications in Android by Java programming languages using the API libraries and tools.


Libraries include open source web browser engine


Linux Kernel

It performs function likes process management, memory Management, device management like a keypad, display etc.

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Android Components

Android components are important parts of the Android Application. The major components are

  • Activities
  •  Services
  •  Broadcast Receivers
  •  Content Providers


Activities dictate UI and handle user interaction with Smartphones. It is a single screen user interface


Handles background processing associated with an application.

Broadcast Receiv 

BR handles communication between Application and Android OS.

Content Providers

Handles data and data management issues and supplies data from one application to another application. 

Android for freshers

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