White Hat Vs Black Hat: What’s The Difference?

White Hat Vs Black Hat What’s The Difference

If you are planning to start your career in the IT Sector in the Cyber Security domain, then you should be aware of white hat and black hat technology. While coming to hacking technology, for many of them, cyber criminals only come to mind. Not every hacker are cyber-criminal. Based on the hacking system, the hackers are classified into two types. If you are interested to know about them, enrolling on a certification in Ethical Hacking course in Bangalore will be very helpful. In this blog, we will look at White Hat vs Black Hat.

Who is a White Hat Hacker?

A white hack junior is the one who has done certification in hacking the organizational networks and computer systems. These people have the skills to find the system’s vulnerabilities.

Many big companies, Government Sectors need white hat hackers to identify and prevent the security vulnerabilities before the black hat hackers. Being a white hat hacker, you can able to identify the weakness of the security system and protect them against external attacks. This is what the professional ethical hacker will do.

To become a white hat hacker, you should be well versed in technical expertise and have broad skills in programming and networking. To become a White Hat Hacker and also to learn about their working method enrolling for certification in Hacking Course in Bangalore will be very helpful.

Role & Responsibilities of White Hat Hacker :

  • Identifying the threats, weaknesses & risks.
  • Employing Social Engineering.
  • Analyzing Patch Installations.

Who is a Black Hat Hacker?

A Black Hat Hacker is a cyber criminal who detects the security vulnerabilities in the computer and exploits them for malicious gain. They can make an unauthorized or an illegal entry into a system and harm it or even steal the information.

A Black Hat Hacker has advanced technical knowledge that helps navigate the cyber security landscape.

Being a Black Hat Hacker, you can target every individual computer user and large organization to steal their data. They can even compromise the system’s security or even change the function of websites or networks. If you are interested to learn about Hacking technology, then enrolling on a certification course on Ethical Hacking in Bangalore will be very helpful.

What Do Black Hat Hackers Do?

  • Harm others by stealing sensitive data.
  • Hack without having proper permission.

Conclusion :

As we discussed above, the roles and responsibilities of white hat and black hat hackers and what they do. So to provoke your interest in pursuing your career in Ethical Hacking and head your career in the IT sector, join FITA Academy and learn hacking techniques and tools to explore your career.