What is Social Engineering & What Are Its Types?

What is Social Engineering & What Are Its Types?

In this blog, we will look at Social Engineering and what are the attack involves changing the information. If you are a newbie and want to know about Social Engineering in-depth, taking a certification on CCNA Course In Bangalore will be more helpful.

Social Engineering :

One of the terms used to describe a wide range of malevolent operations carried out through contact with people is “social engineering.” This is one of the psychological manipulations which helps in tricking the users into correcting the security information and mistakes and also giving some valuable and sensitive information.

When Does Social Engineering Occurs?

Usually, the Social Engineering attacks happen in less than one or two steps. A perpetrator usually first investigates the victim, massively gathering the background information that includes the potential point of entry and weak security protocols which are needed to proceed with a future attack.

Why is Social Engineering Dangerous?

Social Engineering is dangerous as it depends on human error than the vulnerabilities in the software and its operating system. Generally, the mistakes have been made by legitimate users who are more predictable. Social Engineering makes them harder to identify and thwart than a malware-based intrusion. To know how extremely dangerous social engineering is, going for CCNA Training In Bangalore will be helpful.

Social Engineer lifecycle :

Generally, the Social Engineering lifecycle includes the following steps.

  • Investigation
  • HOOK
  • Play
  • Exit.

HOOK – Deceiving the victim to gain a foothold.

Play – Obtaining the information over some time.

Exit – Closing the interaction without even arousing suspicion.

Investigation – Preparing the ground for the attack.

Social Engineering Attack Types :

Social Engineering attacks of different types and they can also be performed whenever a human interaction is involved. Below we will look at the common Social Engineering attack methods.

Baiting :

A baiting attack is one of the false promises to pick a victim’s greed or Curiosity.

Scareware :

Scareware involves victims that are being bombarded with false alarms and also some fictitious threats. Scareware is referred to as deception software, scanner software and fraudware.

Phishing :

Phishing is one of the most popular and common social engineering attacks. Usually, these methods involve email and text message campaigns, which are created with a sense of urgency, curiosity or even fear in victims. To learn about theme attacking strategies in depth, going to FITA Academy which is recognized as one of the Best CCNA Institute In Bangalore, will be very helpful.

Conclusion :

So by the end of this blog, we would have come to know what social engineering is, its types, and when it occurs. To sharpen your knowledge in this, you can enroll for a certification course at CCNA Institute In Bangalore, where there will be professional trainers who help to clear your doubt and train you by providing Cyber Security Interview Questions and Answers modules.