Top Reasons Why Manual Testing is Important?

Top Reasons Why Manual Testing is Important?

In recent days, testing has been an essential component of software development. No software can remain constant. Performing the necessary checks on software updates aids the developer and end user. Join FITA Academy‘s Manual Testing Course in Chennai to know more about the manual testing process.

Every day, lots of new apps and brands are released into the market. Before they are made available to the general public, they are subjected to extensive testing. Automated testing can accelerate the process and is frequently used for manual testing.

Here, we shall discuss the manual testing concepts and how to do manual testing.

What is Manual Testing?

Manual testing is a form of software testing in which test data are carried out without a test automation tool. Test cases are implemented based on user preferences.

Role of a Manual Tester:

A manual tester is essential in software development. The manual testers and development team fix bugs and aid in the prevention of software issues. It assists manual testers in evaluating and executing test cases to ensure software development efficiency.

Top Reasons Why Manual Testing is Important?

Test From a Human Perspective:

Manual testers can quickly detect when something appears to be off. These visual issues are not seen in automated testing. When a tester interacts with software in the same way that a user would, they can identify usability issues and user interface flaws. Automated tests cannot detect these things.

Exploratory Testing:

Automated tests only carry out the activities that you specify. They necessitate planning and preparation to compose, which limits the scope of the test. These constraints imply that there is no space to deviate from the written test to fully explore the application. Manual Testing Online Course provides more benefits for students in career enhancement.

Automated Testing Can Contain Errors:

Bugs in automated test scripts are similar to bugs in code. It means that automated testing may generate systematic errors. These errors are avoided by incorporating a human connection throughout the testing process.

Less Cost Effective:

It can be completed without bugs when you find a resource to write an automated test. Sometimes going the manual route makes more sense.

End-User Understanding:

Automated testing can save time over time. It is excellent for getting broad-level results quickly, but manual testing allows us to understand the problem conceptually and emotionally. It connects us with the end user and introduces us to the empathy that automated testing does not provide.


As we discussed above, the Top Reasons Why Manual Testing is Important?. So to have a profound understanding of manual testing, you can join Manual Testing Training in Chennai and equip yourself with the help of its core concepts, features and advantages of manual testing. 

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