RPA Use Cases In Customer Service

RPA use cases in customer service

How can RPA enhance Customer Service?

RPA bots are able to replicate human interactions by using GUI elements and can complete repetitive tasks that require rules like responding to FAQs downloading customer emails or retrieving information from databases. Thus, RPA improves customer service through:

  • Gathering information for analytics
  • ensuring consistent and quick responses
  • Limiting data errors
  • Providing whole day service
  • Decreasing client service team workload

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Which are the RPA uses for customer support?

processing of customer complaints can be automated using RPA, for example:

Aid client representatives

Sixty-three percent of consumers would like representatives from customer service to understand their specific expectations and needs expectations, including who they are and what they’ve bought. To address this problem the RPA bot could gather the details of the customer’s account, such as details about their demographics, purchases, prior complaints, or tickets, and pass it on to the Customer Service representative to assist to anticipate customer inquiries and solve the issue swiftly.

Create customer account

Every client has their very own personal account in a company CRM database that contains their name and customer ID, as well as contact details along with credit card information and the history of their purchases. Clients generally make their accounts by speaking to the client representative in the form of a historical chat. The bot will automatically collect relevant details in the conversation, fill in the forms necessary to set up the customer account, verify the data of the payment against bank details, and inform customers of the account’s creation when it’s finished.

Update CRM data

RPA bots are able to pull data from databases for businesses (e.g. customers’ past purchases interactions with customer service employees, cold phone calls, emails, reports, and documents) and can update CRM data by incorporating information from recent messages, texts surveys online or filed reports.

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Report customer complaints

RPA bots are able to make use of NLP or OCR to comprehend customer complaints contained in text messages or emails, collect data about complaints (e.g. delivery delay, service downtime incorrect delivery), and incorporate this data in spreadsheets, text files, and produce reports that can include:

  • Send to appropriate customer support personnel
  • Useful for identifying pattern patterns in issues
  • Registered to ensure compliance and audit


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