Top Programming Languages for Android App Development

Android :

Android is a free and open-source framework that runs on Linux. We can use the Android framework to create complex and user-friendly applications. 

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Java is an open-source programming language that employs the C++ syntax, making it familiar and simple to learn for developers. It includes both a compiler and an interpreter, it runs on the Java Virtual Machine.


Kotlin is a programming language for Android. It is fully compatible and interoperable with Java and has been designated as Android’s second official language. Kotlin codes are much easier to write. Kotlin is less complicated than Java. The layouts provided by Kotlin are more logical than those provided by Java. It is also JVM-based. Kotlin code is short, safe, and versatile.


C++ is one of the earliest and most widely used programming languages. Though it is not useful for developing application pages or app user interfaces, it is useful for creating APIs. This programming language is frequently used to write the back end and APIs of apps. For Android developers who use C++, there are numerous popular built-in libraries available.


It is a beginner-friendly open-source language that is a good alternative to C/C++. It supports Unity and Xamarin, which are both very useful tools. C# is a straightforward language that is also adaptable and object-oriented. It enables developers to create applications for both Android and iOS.


Python is a programming language that is both popular and simple to learn. Python is a high-level programming language and It is an object-oriented and general-purpose language that’s incredibly beneficial and dynamic. It can also be used to create back-end jobs, libraries, functions, and a variety of other things.


Corona is a software development toolkit that can be used to create Android apps in Lua. Corona Simulator and Corona Native are the two operational modes available. We utilize a simulator to build applications directly here. Lua’s integration with Android Studio will make it easier to create apps with native functionality.

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BASIC is stands for Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It is a very user-friendly language that is great for learning how to code. It is not officially supported by Android. It is not compatible with Unity or Xamarin. As a result, B4A is a good BASIC alternative for developing Android apps from Anywhere Software.

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