SAS 9.4 Features

SAS Training in ChennaiFor Security Administrators – SAS 9.4 M5 releases new options for security management, it also includes protocols and it updates the TLS security.

For IT departments – SAS 9.4 increases deployment options, security and much more. SAS 9.4 M5 adds an enhancement for SAS Grid Manager and it helps to manage the tools, languages, encodings and locales.

For data Administrators – SAS manages the complete data and it enables you to access your data from different sources. New programming languages enable you to update the database in an easy way.

For SAS programmers – A user can access the web browser. Learn and become an expert in SAS program. Everyday SAS releases new products with great features.

With SAS studio, a user can access their libraries, data files and existing programs. SAS 9.4 M5 directly supports for SAS Viya. Learn and install the software through SAS Training in Chennai. Several opportunities are available in SAS field, get started to learn this course with FITA guidance. 10+ years of experienced professionals guide the students with real-time examples. Reach over here for SAS Analytics course.

Secure your data with SAS

SAS helps companies to protect the data. Numerous organizations prefer SAS for data maintenance. Security is mandatory for every business, without protection a business will face lots of issues.

On October 18, 2017, an SAS company has launched a new concept that is helpful to identify the product. Every year thousands of records of exposed. Companies are now protecting their data with high security.

Any company gathers data from data of birth, email addresses, national identification numbers and much more. It also helps to identify what type of information is stored. SAS helps companies to identify, protect, access, govern and audit their data.


No matter where the data filters, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), extract your personal data from both the structured and unstructured data sources.


An encryption technique helps to secure your sensitive information.


With the support of SAS, organizations can access and blend the data types from relational data sources like Hadoop or Apache, Oracle.


Data governance software helps to monitor the data quality. At the same time, it helps to manage business terms of the organization.


Analyze the defects before and avoid penalties. Generate an interactive report, it will be helpful to identify the results. Learn more about analytics via SAS course in Chennai. SAS is a leader in analytics, it helps customers to take better decisions.

SAS Environment Manager

SAS is operationally focused, integrate data and it helps to monitor data in a minimal way. It supports to manage and audit the report, extending and monitoring lots of apps. This architecture framework makes this information available on pre-defined reports, such as

  1. Authentication Errors
  2. Workspace for memory user
  3. Server usage by the user, etc.

Update yourself with recent innovations. Everyday SAS technology has been innovating new one with additional features. Get start to analytics course via SAS Training Institute in Chennai, expert guidance will be highly helpful for the people. Enroll today at FITA and enhance your skills in analytics domain.

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