Roles and Responsibilities of AngularJS Developer

AngularJS Training in ChennaiGenerally, AngularJS developers are expert in Java Programming, they will also be an expert in Software Engineering.  AngularJS requires the developers to build the best framework and efficient web applications. An expert JavaScript developer can maintain the AngularJS based project. If you want to build numerous applications with great features, prefer AngularJS Training. Expert guidance will be helpful to you to learn each and every concept of web development in the short span of time.


  1. Proficiency with HTML5 and JavaScript
  2. Create less amount of code
  3. Capacity to provide solutions for Single Page Applications
  4. Provide the responsive feedback and validate the user actions on the client side.


  1. Communicate to other web services
  2. To cooperate with the back-end developer
  3. To co-ordinate the workflow between the HTML code and graphic designer
  4. Writing testing, HyperText Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), documented JavaScript
  5. Develop unit test and application code in AngularJS

AngularJS Nesting and Input Validation

The web that has input elements such as text input, button, radio buttons, checkbox and much more. In the current scenario, all these elements are used in modern web applications. An individual who wants to build their web applications with wonderful features can reach at AngularJS Training in Chennai. With this support, an individual can learn web and app development in 60 days.

Angular 4 has two types of forms. They are

  1. Reactive forms
  2. Template Driven forms

Reactive Forms

It was introduced in Angular 2. The other name of the reactive form is model-driven form, but most of the people like to call it as programmatic forms. In the beginning, it is difficult to work with reactive forms, it allows flexibility for the templates and component class.

Examples of Reactive forms

  1. Changing the validation dynamically
  2. Add form fields

Template – Driven forms

Default way to work with Angular and it used to build the internal representation. It is similar to AngularJS.

Each and every day, technology has been innovating new products, web applications, and mobile applications. You have to update yourself with all those processes, if you are interested to shift your career from one field to another can get guidance from AngularJS course in Chennai. 8+ years of experienced trainers train the students on how to build and maintain the projects with great effort. Enroll today at FITA for AngularJS course and learn new things about web development.

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