Learn C and Unix Programming

C Training in ChennaiC is a popular programming language which helps to develop the mobile and web applications. It is fast and portable. If you are new to coding, c is a good start for your journey. C is the basic one for all programming languages, learn this coding today with the best guidance. Know more about C programming via C Language Training.

C is a popular programming language which helps to create 3D moviesIt is highly portable, a programmer can write the code from and compile it from other places. This is shortly called as “Written Once, Run Anywhere”. It is the good language to express your ideas.

Pros of learning C

Once learning C will help you to know the app works, at the same time you will come to know how the system works (including allocation and memory management). Programming languages like Java, Python, etc interfaces with C programming.

Opportunities for programmers

Get start your career as a programmer. C is the most important language, if you are interested to develop a mobile application, you need Objective C (for iOS), Java (for Android). SQLite DB, Linux Kernel and Python Interpreter prefer C programming to do the projects better.

Write better programs

People who have the capability to identify as for how the system works can write the efficient code in other languages. Java are related to C and C++, PHP and JavaScript is similar to C. If you’re expert in C and C++, you will directly switch on to other programming languages. Learn how to write the code via C Training in Chennai.


Unix is a popular, multi-tasking operating OS developed in 1970s at Bell Labs. Unix is flexible for all programmers. Unix is a leading operating system in workstations. Learning Unix will teach you how the software systems are designed. If you’re working on Android and iPhone, you have to think about Unix. In 1972, Unix was rewritten in C programming language and it is portable.

Unix Commands

  1. cd – shange directory
  2. ls – lists files
  3. mkdir – sreate a directory
  4. rmdir – remove directory
  5. mv – move file
  6. rm – remove or delete file
  7. cp – copy file
  8. lpr – send file to printer

Learn the advanced concepts in Unix via Unix Training in Chennai. Specialist guidance will be helpful to learn the concepts in the minimum period of time. Reach over at FITA for programming classes. Learning Unix will help you to solve complex problems. Tools like Redis, Nginx, Hadoop, MongoDB, etc all come from Unix culture.

Unix knowledge is necessary for all. Presently, IT businesses are using Unix to solve critical stuff. Devices/Appliances/Servers/Super-Computers are using Unix core. Unix programming is not much difficult to learn, it is the simplest language. Prefer Unix course and enhance your programming knowledge.

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