Is Hadoop based on Google MapReduce?

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MapReduce is a framework which helps to store and retrieve the data minimum duration. It helps to work with both structured and unstructured data. Map Reduce works in two steps.

  1. Map Phase
  2. Reduce Phase


Map Phase – It is the first phase, the data that is divided into smaller subsets.

Reduce Phase – It is the second phase of Hadoop and it helps to find the exact results. A MapReduce framework helps to store data in HDFS. Learn more about Hadoop Technology and update yourself with the support of Hadoop Training Chennai.

Hadoop is a powerful tool, almost 70 % organizations are using to Hadoop to safeguard their data. There are several reasons why organizations prefer Hadoop.

  1. Storage Flexibility
  2. Low cost
  3. Scalability
  4. Data Protection

 Hadoop Modules:

  1. MapReduce
  2. Hadoop Common
  3. HDFS
  4. YARN

What is Big Data and why it is mandatory in today’ world?

Big refers to huge, Data refers to information. Most of the companies are handling lots of data with the support of cloud. Generally, Big Data is used to understand the customer requirements and preferences.

Few years before, it was difficult to store data in Floppy disks and CDs. It has limited space and if you need to maintain some terabyte, it was really difficult.  But now the technology has grown up and now the companies are looking to improve their services. Presently, organizations maintain a huge volume of data and it is highly possible. Companies are now looking for the professionals, who have knowledge in Big Data and Hadoop. If you are still lagging in Big Data concepts, reach over at Big Data Training in Chennai. An individual approach has been given to each and every student.

Career Support

Career Opportunities in Big Data Hadoop are rising. Presently, there is a huge demand for Hadoop administration and Hadoop Developer jobs among start-ups and this is helpful to build your business in a perfect way.  Various companies are now hiring Big Data Professionals. Hadoop Admin, Hadoop Tester, Hadoop Developer, Hadoop Architect, Big Data Analyst are the main roles, interested candidates who are interested to take over your career in Hadoop domain can reach Hadoop Training in Chennai. 10+ years of experts guide the freshers and working professionals with real-time examples. Use this opportunity and get a great job in MNCs with decent salary package.

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