Data Analysis and Cloud Computing

Data Analysis and Cloud Computing

There are different methods for data analysis such as big data and IOT analytics etc. According to the IDC report, the global data will grow in volume from 4.4 zettabytes to 44 zettabytes from the year 2013 to 2020 because of the cloud computing technology. So, big data and IOT deal with massive data for analysis with the ample speed required for the prediction. Big data is about data, whereas IOT deals with data and the multiple devices where the data come from. The sources of data for big data are smartphones, social media, email and websites, etc. The big data use the human-generated data. For big data analysis, the data is used for a long time, whereas under the IOT the data is for real-time scenarios. The training from the AWS Training in Chennai is very helpful for understanding the real-time scenarios in the business. Big data are used for anticipated loss, fraud detection, etc. whereas IOT is used in machines like trucks, machines and pumps etc.

AWS IOT Analytics

From April 24th, 2018 AWS IOT is available. IOT is used for business to clean, process, store, change, and analyze the available data at scale. AWS analytics is now available in US and EU. IOT is used for two purposes, one is for data storage and the other one is data analysis. For data storage, there are channels, pipelines and data stores. Channels collect the data from different sources in the binary or JSON format and save the raw data for further usage. These raw data can be processed by applying logic and finally control the devices or arrive at the decision required for the business. Pipelines filter the data and then store it in the data store. Datasets and notebooks are used for the data analysis. As the software industry is demanding regular learning of new technologies the AWS Online Training help for the huge tech-savvy population.

Different products from Amazon

Amazon is used for compute, storage, database, migration, networking and content delivery, developer tools, management tools media services, security, identity and compliance, analytics, machine learning, mobile services, AR and VR, Application integration, Customer engagement, Business productivity, Streaming, internet of things, game development and sell the products. Practical knowledge is very important in the software field so, the Best AWS Training Institutes in Bangalore gives in-depth knowledge. There are so many services under the single roof Amazon. Amazon is offering public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud from the cloud platform.

Benefits of Data analysis

The data analysis through cloud platform is definitely a good service from Amazon. In the near future, the business is going to change drastically because of the data analysis and artificial intelligence. AWS Training in Coimbatore is customized as per the industry requirement with the latest changes. Some of the benefits of IoT are:

  • Helps for real-time analysis
  • Real-time analysis with the perfect data will fasten the decision-making process of the business.
  • AWS Analytics can be used for small devices or minicomputers.
  • You can transfer the primary data to another place which solves the storage problem to the system
  • Helps for continuity in the business
  • It gives top-level security to the data and the connected devices.
  • The cost is relatively low.
  • Data analytics with the help of Amazon help for better analysis and improves the productivity and profitability of the business.

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